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QTAKE in Action on 3D SetQTake on Set-Transformers Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Elements shots: Kerner Optical, San Rafael CA

June, 2011:  Kerner Optictal shot 3D elements for Transformers: Dark of the Moon at their studios in San Rafael, CA.  The shots called for two simultaneous 3D rigs shooting against blue and black screen.  Mounted on two of Kerner's KC7000 precision 3D rigs were a pair of REDs (the primary rig) and a pair of Sony F23s.  
Kerner called in Andy Neddermeyer with his  QTAKE for video assist on these complex shots.  The QTAKE system captured 3D simultaneously from both A&B camera rigs.  All shooting was parallel, not converged.
When shooting elements such as dust, dirt and debris, QTAKE overlaid camera images with background plates, in 3D, helping  to align the elements with the plate, including direction and angle of moving elements.
Playbacks were immediately composited in QTAKE over the Quicktime 3D plates.  The built-in HIT (Horizontal Image Translation) function was used to verify the adjustment range of image convergence matching the background plate action.
Neddermeyer upgraded his QTAKE with the 3D Mux Module that allows dual 3D-rig record as well as 3D comps.

Andy says, "QTAKE HDx2 has proven to be a very useful tool on set -  lining up shots, realtime compositing in 2D and 3D and easy interface with the RED, Alexa, Epic, Phantom and others."

Recent projects include Red Tails (LucasFilm), Sony PlayStation (TEAK), SF Giants (Dwyer), Google Chrome (TEAK), Transformers 3 (ILM), Pirates 4 (ILM)  and Grocery Outlet (Sugar Films). 

QTake Video Assist

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